NYSDA Criminal Defense Immigration Project

NYSDA’s initiatives in support of its mission statement include the Criminal Defense Immigration Project (CDIP). CDIP’s purpose is to integrate immigration expertise into New York State criminal defense representation to ensure that effective public defense representation is afforded without discrimination against foreign nationals. To achieve this, CDIP provides expert legal advice, publications, and training on current developments and issues involving the interplay between criminal and immigration law to public defenders and other criminal defense attorneys, immigration lawyers, community-based organizations, and immigrants. CDIP also staffs a legal assistance hotline and develops pro se materials, legal advisories, and community-based informational brochures for distribution to nonprofit organizations and immigrant communities across New York State.

NYSDA Veterans Defense Program

The Veterans Defense Program provides in-depth training and support to facilitate and encourage informed and zealous representation of military personnel and veterans involved in New York State criminal or family court matters. The VDP directly helps, in a concrete way, the most vulnerable of our veterans by assisting defense attorneys in providing justice to veterans with mental health issues arising out of their service, and facilitating treatment to begin healing their wounds of war.

For more information and assistance, contact the NYSDA Defenders Association, (518) 465-3524.